Ryeho, Ohio


A fictional town in Ohio finds itself in a post-industrial era without many jobs or places to turn. As desperation infests the people of Ryeho, a set of solar flares are set to hit the city possibly disrupting power for the night. Each individual in the city desperate for money or a way out has to ask themselves, what do I need to get done when the lights go out?

Lee Knoll Productions present
In Association with Green Glow Studios
Produced by Eli Woodhall and Luke Hanlein
Written and Directed by Eli Woodhall
Photography by Luke Hanlein
Edited by Eli Woodhall
Starring Dan Buchanan, Jane Chen, Karl Chaffey, Kristin Lindquist, and Shaq-A-Delic
Music by Digital Moccasins
Coloring by Steve Swisz
Visual Effects by Albert Cook
Assistant Camera Kiely Cronin
Field Sound Recording by Dustin Pierce
Sound Design by Erik Magnus
Stunts by Mike Guth

Tags: drama eliwoodhall narrative scifi shortfilm